The Brand continues to surge ahead as a respected and well established Indian Ocean hospitality chain since its inception, just two years back.

Jointly promoted by the popular resort development organization in the Maldives – EON Resorts and reputed Maldivian Hospitality Entrepreneurs, Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts continues to increase its portfolio with some fine resort products that cater to specific demands of the high end traveler and are commercially viable.

The single most critical core value that the hospitality brand cherishes is the JOY OF GIVING! This is apparent in every single offering that is delivered to the discerning guests, in every product within the portfolio. “TRUST” is paramount for every brand stakeholder and the critical objective of the entire Operations machinery is to Deliver the Promise – consistently & effectively with high quality and genuine value.


Drawing on its core strength of local ‘Resort Industry’ expertise and an in-depth appreciation & internalization of the best Industry practices, Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts strives to create high quality customer-centric products that offer a ‘Best in Class’ experience to the discerning traveler, within the Indian Ocean Region.


Offering unique experiences rooted in their natural and cultural environment of the region, Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts places guests’ emotions firmly at its core, crafting perfectly balanced, enriching experiences that intuitively respond to their individual needs and desires, whilst offering genuine value.

Whether in the Maldives, Sri Lanka, India or Seychelles, every hospitality experience under the Atmosphere brand will embark the discerning traveller on an immersive journey through the rich cultures of the Indian Ocean region, offering them a memorable experience of its colorful traditions, passionate spirit and heartfelt warmth.


  • Embracing “Art of Balance” as the key brand essence, Atmosphere finely balances bliss, tranquility, fun and value.
  • Every product within the Atmosphere portfolio will offer ‘Genuine Value’ to the discerning traveler.
  • Any process initiated under the brand umbrella, would always be customer focused, transparent and truthful to the end-customer, whereby ensuring a surge in ‘returning’ happy customers!


  • All discerning travelers who seek to enjoy a Hassle-Free Indian Ocean holiday experience
  • All travelers who appreciates a genuine value-for-money proposition without sacrificing on quality
  • Offer customized value-added solutions that cater to different market segments including families, honeymooners, couples