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Get the Best Lagiqq Watch For Any Occasion

Get the Best Lagiqq Watch For Any Occasion

The recent addition of a Lagiqq wrist watch to our range is an exciting new way to keep in touch and to keep your pulse beat rate up. Lagiqq was first established by George Lagiq, a French watch designer. He set up his own design studio and was involved in designing the timepieces that we all love.

What makes this band unique is that it’s more than just a watch – it’s a perfect gift for any occasion. The guys at Lagiqq work with men, women and children to create watches that are both fashionable and practical. This makes each style of watch different from each other so everyone can have their own personal style.

There are many features to explore when it comes to these watches. The differences between watch styles include:

The very best bands for the Bandar Lagiqq are the satin brushed stainless steel. The blend of brushed and polished metals along with the slight black oxide finish really makes the watch look elegant. The satin brushed finish creates a layer of thermal insulation so it’s always on for that all important five o’clock deadline. The smooth side buttons and delicate crystal also make it a great gift for the guy who has everything.

The Bandar Lagiqq also features a dual-lens ceramic zirconium coated dial, which is housed in a stainless steel case. The dual lens design means the two crystals can be used for either an analogue or digital clock, whilst the ceramic coating will ensure that the two layers of glass will last longer and will be able to endure strong pressure applied to it.

The color of the watch ensures that it is suitable for any occasion and has a short battery life. However, the product range includes a watch band to fit each style, meaning there is a band for every occasion.

Easy to use technology is something that every watch has. Each watch can be easily accessed by either winding the crown or pulling down the crown and pushing the little push button on the side. You’ll be able to view the current time and date by rotating the small knob on the dial.

The watch is water resistant up to 300 meters, so you can go for some serious diving without worrying about it getting wet. This is something that every Lagiqq watch is built to do, so it’s highly recommended that you have it serviced regularly. The watch also features a shock absorbent dome to stop it from taking a hard blow.